And Now… The Worst Cyber Attack In History

That is the opening line to a youtube video that calls the attack “massive… historic.” Something about the British accents makes it sound so damn serious too… “The most complex *intense pause* they’ve ever seen.”

I wrote about The Flame in a post the other day and I was absolutely pointing out that this is a sophisticated and, yes, scary piece of malware.

While The Flame may be scary it is not all that new. It is highly modularized, more than anything in the past, but the exploits used are old news and the data collection, albeit it intense, isn’t new either.

These words like “attack” and “cyber war” and “super weapon” are scary. I’m not even running Windows and they make me a little scared.

I think Flame is definitely not your typical malware but is it deserving of such terms? It’s new and we’re learning more about it daily, but the media isn’t saying “We’re finding new information blah blah blah” it’s jumping straight to panic.

Where in the report is “Here’s how to stay safe” or “Don’t panic, the vulnerabilities seem to have been patched.”

Anyways, since I’ve already mentioned it, to stay safe you can run Windows Update right now (seriously, stop reading, now) and follow this guide to securing Windows.

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