Ubuntu v Fedora And My New Solid State Drive

So last night I was installing Fedora just to see how it is and my hard drive, which had been clicking for a while, up and died. It just choked then and there.

So today I picked up my new Samsung 830 128GB. Very nice drive, very nice price too – less than a dollar/GB. After two hours of trouble shooting just to realize I hadn’t plugged it in properly I’m now installing Ubuntu and Fedora. I’ll keep them both installed and I’ll hopefully be able to compare the two and pick one for my future usage.

Fedora and Ubuntu are really two of the biggest names in Linux so I’m really interested to see how I adapt.

One thought on “Ubuntu v Fedora And My New Solid State Drive

  1. Happy birthday to the SSD, hope it is still performing as good as a year ago.
    How is the overall experience. Worth recommendation ? Im still on mechanical drives, i find those solid state expensive. I should maybe do away with the idea of using them as storage and construct a new paradigm…


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