Fedora Just Won’t Install

It’s consistently telling me there’s a problem with my file system. There isn’t.

This is a shame because I find it kinda weird that Ubuntu doesn’t have exec-shield, software that allows you to control DEP policies in a similar manor to EMET. The great thing about Windows is that, through EMET, you can set policies for DEP and ASLR.  Ubuntu doesn’t have that.*

It actually doesn’t suck that much since NX is used in literally every process on my system. It’s not that big a  deal. But I still would have liked to have tried Fedora.


*Actually Ubuntu can change ASLR policies through 

By default (2) it randomizes mmap base, heap, stack, and VDSO page. 

One thought on “Fedora Just Won’t Install

  1. I was using Fedora for a while on an old netbook but just couldn’t get used to it. Every time I’ve strayed away from Ubuntu on any of my Linux machines, I always find myself running back — it’s really the best distro in my opinion.

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