64bit Chromium Is Building, Chrome To Follow?

Chromium 64bit for Windows appears to be building on Google’s official builtbot. Many users of 64bit Windows will be very happy about this, I’m sure. 64bit leads to potential performance improvements, as well as many security improvements (especially on Windows 8) so this could go very well for everyone.

It will be fun to see what developments come out of Chrome 64bit, and what kind of performance improvements we really see. The potential for performance improvements on a 64bit browser are… mixed, and complicated. Complicated data structures like the DOM won’t enjoy larger pointers and long int values, but there are other performance improvements that will potentially outweigh that.

In terms of security, among other things, Chrome will now be able to use High Entropy ASLR, a feature of Windows 8 that makes ASLR more resilient to specific types of attacks.

Naturally, Linux users have had 64bit Chrome for ages.

20 thoughts on “64bit Chromium Is Building, Chrome To Follow?

  1. You’d probably want Linux’s x32 ABI for optimal Chrome performance. You get 32-bit pointers but you can still use the CPU more effectively than in 32-bit mode.

    • For very complex data structures the extra memory for pointers can be an issue. Unfortunately you’re more likely to run into those data structures on complex websites given how Javascript handles DOM.

  2. Hello

    These 64 bits Windows Chromium builds are not “ready for consumption”…
    currently “NPAPI” flash player although 64 bits doesn’t run on it (it crashes). 32 bits plugins don’t run either : they are not loaded.
    They told me “native” (integrated) flash player worked OK but I don’t have a Chrome build to verify it.

    • Yes, they are definitely not ready. Maybe in a few versions. 32 plugins will not run, you can only use 64bit plugins with it.

      • 32 bits plugins : it was easy to do because the processes are separate.
        Opera had a 64 bits edition, to-day abandoned, “oopp” (out of process plugins) which admitted them.
        Else 64 bits browsers might be considered as a regression : some of these plugins will never exist in 64 bits..

  3. None of the Chrome builds will work with Windows 8.1 Build 9600 x64.

    The Chromium build does not work. They can’t detect an internet connection, I am connected to the internet.

    Point in fact: Firefox 32-bit builds do not work with Windows 8.1 9600 x64 either, however the following browsers do work:

    Opera Next 12.5 64-bit, Opera 16.1 64-bit, Cyberfox, Waterfox and Pale Moon, the 64bit builds of Firefox.

    Can this be related to the current battle between Microsoft and Google, that NO Chrome browsers will work with 8.1?

    • Sounds like there’s some other issue going on, not sure what though.

      I don’t think it would be related to anything political between the two companies, they have been at each others throats for a long time.

  4. Terry is wrong, Chromium x64 runs smoothly on Windows 8.1 Build 9600 x64.

    Pierre, how i do find native chrome (pepper?) flash plugin. it is not in my list.

  5. Pepper : I have just ask it in a non visible issue (they “restricted” it because they don’t want people to run 64 bits builds…)

    • The distributions generally provide a stable version of Chromium which doesn’t come directly from Chromium project.
      Very different from what is called Chromium in windows : a 32 bits development version.
      In Linux, when you have a 64 bits system, nearly all the programs are in 64 bits : it can’t be compared

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