Penetration Testing Report

So for one of my classes I had to perform a full penetration test on a server. It wasn’t particularly difficult but I figured I’d share the report here. I’ve done this twice now for the same class (different setups) and it’s been pretty fun.

This is all purposefully vulnerable stuff. It was a script kiddy stuff to get in but fun nonetheless. The report is written as if it had been handled by a legitimate team of pentesters.

Here’s the report.


2 thoughts on “Penetration Testing Report

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve came here looking for random linux information and found this post.
    Now i have some questions in mind. I’ve read about pentesting but haven’t go further. Can you give me some advices?
    What steps do you follow to make a penetration testing? Or what tools should I use? Is there any bibliography you recommend about it?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Advice for pentesting… not really sure. I didn’t really get taught how to do a penetration test.

      Look into nmap, for sure, as your first step is always going to be to profile your target machine. From there it really depends – know how to google and learn how a service works. Understand permissions and networking. That’s all it really takes.

      But definitely learn nmap.

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