Windows 8 – A Quick Review

I’ve gotten around to installing the Windows 8 Release Preview and I figure I may as well post about it.

Windows 8’s most obvious feature is the new Metro UI, of which I am a fan. It’s gotten a ton of hate but it’s smooth and familiar in the right ways.

Does this look so different from what you’re used to?

The only really major difference is that the start menu (now a corner) is full screen.

If you can’t handle that I suggest you don’t upgrade because Microsoft has removed the old methods to get Windows 7’s Aero UI working on Windows 8.

I then proceeded to do what I always do on a new Windows installation, install EMET.

And then this happened.

I guess SmartScreen isn’t quite up to par yet as this happened a few more times later on. In the Developer Preview and Consumer Preview I got quite a lot of noise from SmartScreen telling me it doesn’t recognize applications. I’m not confident that users will appreciate this and I won’t be surprised if it’s disabled on most machines.

Still, DEP and SEHOP set to Always On works for me. I can’t do ASLR to Always On because ATI Drivers suck.

Metro also has “Apps”, which are run full screen. I checked out the mail app (and I’m not going to be posting my emails, just the spam folder) and I think it’s very nice.

My favorite app, however, is the weather app.

The app (after asking permission) figured out my state and it even comes with a cool live tile.

Not the most in depth review out there on the net, just a few things I took note of. The OS feels really smooth, it’s great looking, and if I weren’t already spoiled by Ubuntu (I miss alt + drag, super + W, and security) I’d be really pumped for Windows 8. I may be one of the few but I really like this new look and the security improvements would absolutely be enough reason for me to upgrade from 7.

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to do well. Users hate UI changes and this one’s major. I like Metro but I’ve also always liked Unity (I just hated how buggy it used to be) so I’m not going to assume anyone shares my opinion. While Windows 8 is definitely more secure and I absolutely love Metro more than Aero I just can’t imagine users adapting to it within the next two years. Time will tell.

As it stands, it’ll be nice to have it around for games.